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21 januari 2018 - 13 mei 2018

Museum De Wieger
Oude Liesselseweg 29
5751 WN Deurne
0493 32 29 30
KvK: 410292473
Iban: NL 85 RABO 0170 861 309

'Multinationals' shows works from the Vescom collection in various techniques by
fifteen internationally renowned artists, including Antoni Tàpies, Peter Struycken,
Raymond Pettibon, Ger van Elk, Charlie Roberts, Mary Ann Strandell, and Joris Geurt.
All works in 'Multinationals' originated in the period from the end of the sixties to the
present. They are shown in more or less chronological order.

"Tidal"_oil/canvas_65x52"_2010.Private Collection_Netherlands

"Op Pool"_7x7"_3D Lenticular Media

Moderne en hedendaagse kunst uit een internationaal georiënteerde bedrijfscollectie.
Museum De Wieger toont bezoekers een keuze uit de weinig bekende 
kunstcollectie van Vescom, een internationaal opererende onderneming uit Deurne.

Het bedrijf legt zich toe op de ontwikkeling, productie en 
distributie van hoogwaardige interieurproducten: wandbekleding, 
meubelbekleding en gordijnen. In 1971 begon Joop van Esch, grondlegger 
van het bedrijf, in Deurne met de fabricage van vinyl wandbekledingen 
voor de zakelijke projectmarkt. Vescom is uitgegroeid tot een bedrijf 
met 350 werknemers en een omzet van € 90 mio. Naast de hoofdvestiging in
 Deurne zijn er productievestigingen en verkoopkantoren in Europa, Azië,
 het Midden-Oosten, Latijns-Amerika en de Verenigde Staten. Vescom is 
een familiebedrijf. Sinds 1996 ligt de leiding van het bedrijf in handen
 van de volgende generatie. Joop van Esch is in 2017 op 91-jarige 
leeftijd overleden.

De bedrijfskunstcollectie is ontstaan uit de privéverzameling die 
Joop van Esch begon. Hij liet zijn kunstwerken ook in de showrooms van 
zijn bedrijf ophangen. Het samenspel van een eigentijds kunstwerk op een
 mooi beklede wand bleek de perfecte manier om de producten van Vescom 
voor het voetlicht te brengen. De Vescom-collectie anno nu is een 
internationaal georiënteerde verzameling, gericht op abstracte en 
conceptuele beeldende kunst, fotografie, pop art, installaties en 
multimedia uit de afgelopen vijftig jaar. De collectie wordt door de 
familie beheerd en staat ten dienste van het bedrijf.

Werk uit de collectie was sporadisch eerder te zien: in 2011 in het Van 
Abbemuseum en in 2013 in het Gemeentemuseum Helmond.
Nu mogen dan ook bezoekers van Museum De Wieger in Deurne kennismaken 
met deze goed verborgen ‘schat van eigen bodem’.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Solace… works by artists who turn inward, especially 
in times of turmoil, to find and inspire calm.

November 2 – December 9, 2017

Artist Include:
Jeanine Alfieri
Ed Baynard
Joaquin Carter  

Ayn S Choi
Lucy Mink Covello 
Lisa Corinne Davis 
Susan English 
Clarity Haynes 
Black Lake
Maggie Mailer
Hermes Payrhuber
Nancy Shaver
Mary Ann Strandell 
Kasper Sonne
Tad Wiley

Gallery: 524 West 26th Street
New York, NY, 10001
     Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 -6:00
     Closed Wednesday and Friday during Thanksgiving
     Opening Reception: Thursday, November 2, 6 to 8 pm
     Closing Reception: Friday Dec. 8, with Black Lake Performance, 6 to 8 pm
*Organized by Ayn Choi and Susan Jennings   Contact Ayn S. Choi:
Review: Whitehot Magazine Review_ November 2017

Mary Ann Strandell, "For Baudelaire", Installation 15' x 15', 
ink drawing in situ with 3D Lenticular Print media, 2017

“For Baudelaiere” is a contemplative and performative installation which considers the notion of decentralized place through two distinct systems of experience; the large scaled hand-drawn garden motifs, with the counter active mediated lenticular print panels. These two worlds host a fleeting aspect of time and place that is perhaps at once, a waterfall, a street map, a transit system, a circuit, a song.

The garden motif is a montage from a long study on the garden genre meme, which I documented from historic hand-painted porcelain plates over a number of years. This composite holds seven partial garden renderings, that include 13th to 17th century China, Japan, Germany, and The Netherlands. The layered geometric lenticular presents a post-modern network of mapping and circuitry. Here these two worlds, still in their own orbits, coalesce a possibility in tandem with a revery of sudden leaps.
Mary Ann Strandell 11/1/17

Who among us has not dreamt, in moments of ambition, of the miracle of a poetic prose, musical 
without rhythm and rhyme, supple and staccato enough to adapt to the lyrical stirrings of the soul, t
he undulations of dreams, and sudden leaps of consciousness. This obsessive idea is above all a
child of giant cities, of the intersecting of their myriad relations.  —   Charles Baudelaire, Dedication of Le Spleen de Paris

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fall 2017

Fall Exhibitions 2017

Five by Seven Show,  Kleinert James Center for the Arts, Woodstock, NY. Dec. 1 to Jan. 6, 2017
Solace..., organized by Ayn S. Choi and Susan Jennings, 524 West 26th St. NYC  Nov. 2 to Dec. 8
Latibule, Prink Week Salon, SUITE 303 Projects, NYC. September 24th
Bemis AiR Benefit, The Bemis Center For Contemporary Art, Omaha, NE. Oct 13 -7.
WIN/WIN, Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM, September 15.
Light Into Night, Art Omi Benefit, Ghent, NY, September 15.
Byrdcliffe Open Studio, Byrdcliffe Guild, Woodstock NY. September 1.
Mary Ann Strandell, Algorithmic Interior /Fragonard, oil on Lenticular, 64"x48", 2017
at The Bemis Center For Contemporary Art, Omaha. 10/13 -10/27

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Open Studios Byrdcliffe

Open Studios Byrdcliffe
Friday, September 1, 2017
6:00 to 9:00pm

Byrdcliffe Guild's Villetta Inn
380 Upper Byrdcliffe Way
Woodstock, NY
Open Studio Byrdcliffe September 1

Mary Ann Strandell, "Beaverkill", oil on paper, 30x42", 2017

The 3rd Open Studio of the 2017 Artist in Residence (AiR) Program. Exhibiting AiR artists incude:
-Visual artists: Shayna Cohn, Jodie Goodnough, Anne Mailey, Henrietta Mantooth, Anne Arden McDonald, Virginia Melnyk, Megan Pahmier, Michael Rees, Mary Ann Strandell, Alexandra Valls, Harriette Yahr
-Ceramic Artist: Devin Dougherty
-Writers/playwrights/poets: Alex Sarrigeorgiou, Harriette Yahr

Experience installations, paintings, readings, ceramics, musical composition, and more. Come talk to our AiR 2017 Session 3 residents in their studios and see their creative projects.
Help us celebrate the unstoppable diversity of art at Byrdcliffe today! This event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served, but please feel free to bring a dish or beverage to share.
For navigational purposes, use 380 Upper Byrdcliffe Road, Woodstock, NY 12498. Look out for the large Villetta Inn to the right of the Byrdcliffe Theater.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Artist in Residency at Byrdcliffe, Woodstock, NY

In residency from:
August 9 to September 4, 2017

Open House, Friday September 1, 2017
from 6 to 8pm
34 Tinker Street
Woodstock, NY 12498
ph_ 845-679-2079
The Byrdcliffe Colony

The Byrdcliffe Colony, also called the Byrdliffe Arts Colony or
Byrdcliffe Historic District, was founded in 1902 near Woodstock,
New York by Jane Byrd McCall and Ralph Radcliffe Whitehead[2]
and colleagues, Bolton Brown (artist) and Hervey White (writer).
It is the oldest operating Arts and Crafts Colony in America.
The Arts and Crafts Movement arose in the late nineteenth century
in reaction to the dehumanizing monotony and standardization of
industrial production. Byrdcliffe was created as an experiment in
utopian living inspired by the arts and crafts movement.[3]


email: info

Thursday, May 25, 2017

KCAI Biennial Art & Design

KCAI Biennial Art & Design Gala Auction 
June 3, 2017 6:00 - 10:00pm

Kansas City Art Institute 
David T. Beals III Studios for Art & Technology
4415 Warwick Blvd. 
Kansas City, MO

For a full list of works available, see the LINK below!

Mary Ann Strandell, "Construe I / Hudson Yards”

Mary Ann Strandell
"Construe I / Hudson Yards”
3D Lenticular Print Media on Sintra
20” x 16” x 1”
Edition: 1/10

Represented by Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The meme Salon


Mary Ann Strandell

The meme Salon

May 30 to June 11, 2017

First Friday Reception: June 2,  5-8pm

Fragonard’s Curve, acrylic on pigment print, 60x60", 2017

April Price Project Gallery is pleased to present The meme Salon, a pop-up galleryexpose by artist Mary Ann Strandell that explores the ideas of decentralized “place”.  Strandell considers historic artifacts and Period Rooms, along with real-time landscape renderings into collapsable and transferrable situations that denote place and algorithmic
patterns, and vernacular architecture.  The meme Salon expose presents a series of works that combine visual languages of digital media and analogue paintings. Some of these works 
specifically imbed large scale images within the hyperspace constructions of 3D Lenticular Print Media. Other works include Strandell’s "Outdoor Studio" work done on site in the canyons of New Mexico.

In celebration of Strandell’s recent acquisition to the permanent collection of NMSU by New Mexico Arts; along with her recent artist-in-residency at The Menaul School, Albuquerque, and with her upcoming inclusion in the international Currents New Media 2017, Sante Fe, (June 9th -25th) we invite you to
join us for a First Friday ARTScrawl, June 2nd, from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

April Price Projects Gallery
201 Third Street NW
Suite G, Hyatt Regency Hotel Lobby
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Ph- 505-573-0895

Hours: 12:30 to 5:30 Wed. -Sat. or by appointment
Courtesy parking in the Hyatt Garage on Copper St.

Mary Ann Strandell, Hudson Yard_Kimono II, pigment print, 60x40", 2017
Mary Ann Strandell, Over Sandia, oil on paper, 14x12, 2017

Mary Ann Strandell, Lemon Tree Getty, graphite and acrylic on pigment print, 55x34", 2016

Mary Ann Strandell, Pink Trestle with Orange, oil on 3d Lenticular, 38x32', 2017
Mary Ann Strandell, Wave Warp, 3d Lenticular, 28x24", 2014

Mary Ann Strandell, Storm at Rio Gorge, oil on paper, 29x40", 2016

Mary Ann Strandell, Tree with Transit Skew, acrylic on pigment print, 55x34", 2016